Granbury, Texas is Named as Best Historical Small Town in America by Best10 by USA Today

Best10 by USA Today has posted the winner for Americas Best Historical Small Town in May 2019 and the winner is Granbury, Texas! Known for having a big history with a smaller population, like the other nominee's, we came out on top this year! 

Ton's of history to see in fun and affordable ways right here in Granbury, Texas. From the Acton State Historic Site, to The Bridge Street Historic Museum, then the Granbury Light Plant, and after that on to the Hood County Museum and even the allegedly haunted Historic Nutt House Hotel. 

Browse the links below to find your favorite historical site you want to visit next to find out all of the details you will need to plan that trip! 

*The Acton State Historic Site
Joy Paris
Joy Paris
4810 East Highway 377 Granbury TX 76049